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Weekly Recipe I Egg Cups

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This week’s recipe comes from Coach Nick. He would much rather hang with Nicole and the kids than make breakfast every morning and so these egg cups are a lifesaver for him. We also shared it in our Rise Athletics Recipe Share page! Please feel free to join the page and share your favorite healthy recipes there as well.

Egg Cups


18 eggs

12 oz uncured turkey sausage or bacon

Mixed vegetables


Crack all 18 eggs into a large bowl and mix until blended well. Cut 12 oz of uncured turkey sausage or bacon into small pieces. Pour mixed eggs into muffin pan. Spread evenly across 12 muffin spaces. Drop 1 ounce of chosen meat into each muffin cup along with small bit of mixed veggies. Bake on 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until done.