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Trust the program, trust the process!

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One of the most common mistakes I see in someone’s journey through fitness is them not trusting the process or trusting the program that they are on. You may be confused when I say program as it probably doesn’t come as a normal term to most of you. The program or programming that you use is the playbook of your fitness. The hope is you have a better understanding of why it is so important to have a program and why you should always trust your playbook.

It is important for you to have a program so that you can follow a legitimate structure and schedule. This structure makes sure you aren’t missing out on particular movements or elements of your fitness to ensure you can be well rounded and healthy. There is a problem in the world of health and fitness where too much of a good thing can be a detrimental long-term plan. For example, if you go to the gym and only bench press you are doing more than nothing which is fantastic. The issue here lies with the individual missing out on particular elements of overall health. Like cardiovascular (heart) health and lower body strength. Recent research shows a direct correlation with increased lifespan in the elderly population and lower body strength. Which means it is so important for you to have a holistic and functional program to give yourself the best advantage in your personal health.

The next biggest mistake is people program hopping. Any program is better than no program or plan at all. BUT one of the biggest mistakes I see is people starting a program or training plan and then thinking they aren’t seeing results and jumping off the wagon before they even reach the halfway marker. Research shows us that it can take up to four weeks before we start to see the real adaptation. Trust the program. I see countless athletes jump from one program to another without any cause that them constantly changing gears is the reason for them not progressing they way they wish.

If you don’t know where to start, which many don’t, that’s okay. Find a qualified and educated professional to help or to have them write a program for you!

We at Rise Athletics would be happy to help. We have remote programming of offer great in-person training.