Success Stories


At Rise Athletics, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in Farmington Hills and Ferndale. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.

  • Megan LaVine

    Working out at Rise Athletics has been hugely impactful in many aspects of my life. I am happier, overall. I feel better, look better, and feel more confident in myself. Being here has helped me to accept myself more – maybe I will never be 100 pounds, but I if I was, I might not be able to lift as much. I know that I have much more muscle than I did when I started 3.5 years ago, and I’m not defined by a number on the scale. I think I’ve also become much more mentally strong. As I’m here longer, I have gotten better about accepting that discomfort from a WOD is temporary, that I can keep going and I’ll be okay. I’ve gotten better about embracing the suck and putting in the work to achieve my goals. The gym has become my coping mechanism. If I am stressed out or unhappy, I can go to the gym and channel that energy toward something positive.

  • Wendy Carlisle

    I can honestly say Rise Athletics has transformed my life. I had been working out at another gym about 3 days a week, but still not losing weight. I decided to switch to Rise because it is so close to my house and from the first day in, I felt welcomed. And I read so many great things about them online and their blog has so many helpful posts that just inspired me to start my journey to a healthy body. I started to change how I view food and what I eat and drink on August 24th. In the 4 months since then I have lost 30 lbs and I’m not done yet.

  • Andy Taylor

    The experience of joining a gym can be a difficult process. After visiting 5 other CrossFit gyms in the area, I knew after 5 minutes talking with Nick and Nicole that Rise Athletics was the right place for me. All of the coaches and people have been very inviting. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  • Michelle Webber

    Rise Athletics has integrated itself into my entire life experience. First and foremost, I have increased my self-worth and concept beyond my own expectations. I have new labels for myself, like athlete, weight-lifter, warrior, badass, WOMAN!!!! I have always been a woman, but my definition of woman use to rely heavily on emotional strength. I can now add physical strength to that definition! Mental health happens to be my field of practice, so I could write a dissertation on the benefits in mood regulation, sleep hygiene, cognitive functioning, etc. To keep it short and sweet, I am happier. I perform better in my job throughout the day, and cope with my physical and mental stress in much more productive and adaptive way as well.


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