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These classes are where you’ll spend the best hour of your day. In our group classes, you’ll train beside friends and soak up the motivating atmosphere CrossFit 248 is famous for. And our 1-on-1 sessions focus 100% on your abilities, needs and goals to get you over your obstacles and into your personal success zone. Either way, you’re going to have a blast every time you walk through our doors.

  • CrossFit

    Our CrossFit program combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Cardio to give you an efficient, effective and fun workout.

    No “same old, same old” here. Every day will bring a new and challenging combination of barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, cardio and gymnastic movements guaranteed to push your fitness to the next level and make you stronger, faster, and healthier.


    • $189/month for Unlmited Classes
    • $164/month for 12 Visits Per Month
    • 6 Months Paid In Full - $1074 ($60 Savings)
    • 12 Months Paid in Full - $2028 ($240 Savings)
  • Personal Training

    When it comes to health and fitness, everyone is different. Your schedule and unique experiences, as well as your specific goals, needs and likes/dislikes will guide your personal trainer in creating a plan that is specific to your desired outcome. With a program built just for you, you are more likely to maintain the habit and see results.

  • Yoga

    Rise Athletics and 90 Degrees North Power Yoga have teamed up to bring yoga to our Rise Athletics athletes. Expect to sweat, breathe, flow and play in your power vinyasa class.


    • Complimentary to Group Class Members
    • $20 Drop-in
  • On Ramp

    The On-Ramp program is mandatory for any new member joining Rise Athletics. The On-Ramp program consists of a body composition test and 3 group on-ramp classes one of our highly qualified coaches. Throughout the course, you will be introduced to all of the basic CrossFit movements and lingo you’ll hear in classes. Each On-Ramp class begins with a 10-minute warm-up followed by stretching and mobility. Then, you’ll be taught a skill or two so you can apply what you’ve learned. A short conditioning piece called a “MetCon” (which stands for metabolic conditioning) finishes the class before a cool down. On-ramp classes are offered on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-8:30pm.


    • Group On Ramp: $99
    • Individual On Ramp: $199
  • Bootcamp

    Our Bootcamp program includes 60 minute core and cardio-intensive workouts that don’t require prior CrossFit experience, but do require a willingness to work hard! With a focus on bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell and cardio movements, Bootcamp is a great option for anyone looking to target fat loss and improve their basic strength, conditioning, and flexibility.


    • Complimentary to Group Class Members
    • $20 Drop-in
  • Open Gym

    Uncoached “recess.” Open gym is extra time for you to work on whatever you want. Make up a missed class or work on new skills or “homework” from a coach. Have fun and enjoy the freedom of moving at your own pace, doing what you want to do.


    • Complimentary to Group Class Members
    • $119/month for Unlimited Open Gym Only Access
  • Body Composition Testing

    At Rise Athletics, we pride ourselves on delivering results, and results are measured using data. We use a multi-faceted data-based approach to achieve this and one of our secret weapons is body composition testing with the InBody 270.

    The InBody 270, our body composition machine and the same company trusted and used by NASA, provides a plethora of valuable information, recording a user’s weight, skeletal muscle mass, and percent body fat and much more from the last eight tests to track progress over time.




    • $25 for Members
    • $40 for Non-Members
    • $120 for a 6 Pack
    • $210 for a 12 Pack
  • CrossFit Group Class Programming

    Our CrossFit group class program, Unite, provides a non-biased, general physical preparedness program that will keep your members safe and healthy while continually delivering improvements in overall fitness. This program is designed specifically for gym owners and Coaches and is based on the principles of the CrossFit training methodology. It will allow you to level up your member experience by providing fun, varied and effective programming and a consistent and exceptional Coaching experience in all of your classes.

    Tired of spending so much time on programming and guessing what’s best for you and your athletes? Follow our Programming!

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  • Individualized Programming

    We provide individualized programs to both in-house and remote athletes for any desire goal or outcome. All programming is delivered through TrainHeroic with accompanying videos, demonstrations and workout explanations along with performance tracking.

    CONTACT US  for more details.

  • Team Athletic Training

    We custom-tailor a program designed specifically for the needs of one athlete or an entire team. We can design a program of any length, working toward any athletic or team goal. Contact us so we can plan your program and discuss pricing!

    Please CONTACT US so that we can design a plan customized to the needs of your team.


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