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Hey everyone!

For the last 6 years, Nicole and I have had the pleasure of owning and operating Rise Farmington Hills. We started as (what felt like) kids at 19 and 23 and this place was an absolute dream for us. We have created countless relationships that have been SO meaningful and important to us in our lives. We couldn’t imagine what life would be like if we didn’t open the gyms and we are SO grateful for all of you!

But, it’s been a bit of a crazy year and a half for us personally and we have come to realize that we’re not the best ones to steer this ship anymore. As of June 23, 2019 Rise Farmington Hills (ONLY. NOT Ferndale.) will be merging with Earned Not Given CrossFit in downtown Farmington and turning over all ownership interest to Earned Not Given’s Founder and Operator, Jillian Smith. Read her bio and welcome email HERE. 

**A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not effect Rise Ferndale. We  will still continue to own Rise Ferndale and Eric will continue to run the show over there.**

Logistics and Timeline

Okay, so this feels pretty abrupt and we apologize if it is shocking and feels the same for you! We really wanted to be able to give a muchhh longer heads up but we have been waiting on a written release from our landlord here for quite some time and still have not received (eek!). But, he has a tenant in place that needs our Farmington Hills space July 1, so we feel the need to announce now. We just couldn’t wait any longer to break the news to y’all.

So, on to how this works…

On Saturday, June 23rd we will have a community workout with Earned Not Given CrossFit at their facility. We want to get the communities together so everyone can have the opportunity to meet and greet and get to know each other to see if it’s going to be a great fit for you moving forward. Here’s the timeline…

Saturday, June 22nd Community Workout

8-9 am: Informal Meet and Greet and Q&A with Nicole, Nick and Jillian, Owner of Earned Not Given CrossFit

9-10 am: Community Workout

10-11. am: Potluck

Then, all athletes who choose to move over to Earned Not Given CrossFit will begin classes there on Sunday, June 23rd.

Their contact info is below:

Earned Not Given CrossFit

Founder and Owner – Jillian Smith

(734) 255-5163

33019 Grand River Ave, Farmington, MI 48336

Earned Not Given Schedule

Earned Not Given Facebook – Follow them!

Earned Not Given Instagram – Follow them!


All current Rise members will be automatically transferred to Earned Not Given. If you do not want your membership to be automatically transferred over to Earned Not Given, EMAIL US by 6/21 and we’d be glad to take care of that for you at no charge!

Jillian has also graciously agreed to honor all class passes and paid in full memberships! If you have a paid in full membership or class pass and do not wish to transition over to Earned Not Given, EMAIL US by 6/21 and we’d be glad to get you refunded ASAP. 

There are multiple benefits to this transition/merger, but we want to highlight two that we think may be of big interest to a lot of you!

  1. When you transfer to ENG CrossFit, your price will immediately drop to match their current offerings of:

Unlimited – $175/month ($14/month discount)

3x Per Week – $145/month ($20/month discount)

2. Many of you have asked over the years for additional programming, and Jillian has it! Even better news…ENG already uses TrainHeroic, so you will not have to download or learn a new recording or program delivery system.

Moving Forward

Nicole and I will continue to own Ferndale with Eric as operating GM there. Rise Farmington Hills will close it’s doors on Friday, June 21st AFTER our last class of the evening and we will have a massive equipment sale on Sunday, June 23rd.

If you would like to personally purchase equipment, we will be offering it up to Rise athletes for first grabs. Details below…

Rise Athletics Equipment Garage Sale

**We will not be doing any holds on equipment before the garage sale and we will be accepting CASH and VENMO ONLY.**

Rise Athletes Only

Sunday, June 23rd

8-9 am

Open to the Public

Sunday, June 23rd

Doors will be open at exactly 9 am

*First come, first served and we’ll run it just like the Rogue Fitness Garage Sale. Click here to watch a vid to see what to expect. Prepare to run in and claim what you want and sit on it until we can get to you for checkout. Expect this to take some time and we will do our best to get everyone out of there as fast as we can.

We will have all details and a price sheet uploaded to our Facebook event beforehand, as well as price sheet at the gym. Reasonable offers will be considered and everything must go!


We know that many of you are likely to have questions and we would be happy to address them. For all correspondence regarding this news, please either email us at Nicole@RiseAthletics.Fit and Nick@RiseAthletics.Fit or chat with us in person.

An Important Note..

We just wanted to say THANK YOU. Seriously. The biggest thank you to all of our staff and athletes who have made Rise Farmington Hills such an amazing and important part of our lives! There is just no way we could ever put into words what this place means to us. This transition has been really weird for us to navigate and the realization that we were not the best people for the job anymore has been very hard to accept but we are so grateful that Jillian has offered a safe landing and a new home for those who are interested in making the move to her facility. We hope you learn to love it there and enjoy the additional perks of reduced pricing and additional programming! Jillian has been so welcoming and helpful to us and we just wanted to thank her again, as well, for her help throughout this!