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Myths and Myths Busted. Part 1.

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In today’s world of Social media and Instagram fame, it seems like every trainer has a platform or a program that you NEED to be following, they have 6 easy steps to get the tone and lean body you have always wanted. Heres what they don’t tell you.

What does it mean to be “Tone”: Muscle Tone is actually the residual muscle tension or tonus, is the continuous and passive contraction of the muscle it has nothing to do with how you look. It has everything to do with how you stand. Muscle tone is responsible for keeping you upright and moving when you aren’t even thinking about moving.

SO what does it really mean when you say you want to get tone.

Tone: There is a very common misconception that when we look at “toning up” when we are wanting a body tighter body. What it really means we want to change the composition of our body. We have body fat and lean muscle mass. When we think about how we look these are the two primary things that make up the composition of our body to the naked eye. We need to replace or reduce body fat. This is completed by adjusting our diet and our macronutrients, carbs, fat, and protein to reduce body fat or replace it with lean muscle mass. We do this with resistance training, lifting weights.

Muscle Bulk: Our muscle will take on the attributes of how we train our muscle to look and perform. If you do resistance training 3-5 times a week for approximately one hour you will not become bulky, or have 22-inch biceps. What you will do is start to change the composition of your body. If we want “sculpted” and “defined” arms or legs we have to train those areas to take the shape we want. This is done with resistance training and cross-training.

You cant pick where you lose it: Unfortunately we can not pick where we want to lose our body fat. We can pick where we add lean muscle mass. SO, again when you hear trainers say “this is going to burn fat in your tummy” they’re lying. They might be able to build lean muscle there and help you have a more defined torso, but your body pulls fat to lose from the easiest places which are not always where we want.  

Work for it: There is no quick fix. The internet is filled with myths and gimmicks to suck you in and convince you there is a quick fix. There is no substitute for hard work. If you are at a CrossFit gym, doing an online program, or a planet fitness with a personal trainer. There is NO substitute for hard work. Put the work in and trust the process.

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