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Leslie’s Story

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Leslie joined Rise Athletics in August, 2016 and her story is amazing. Read on…
😲 When Leslie started, she had major difficulty raising her arm above her head and experienced consistent pain and discomfort in her shoulder. She felt queasy most mornings and was stressed out. She could not hang from a pull-up bar. Her second class had 20 total lunges (10/side) in the warm-up. She struggled to get her knees to the floor because of lack of mobility and strength, barely made it through and had to sit down and end her session after that as her legs were shaking so bad. She took 3 days off after that before she could come back to finish her third and final On Ramp. She often had to break for the bathroom because the modified workout made her feel like she was going to puke. Her knees hurt and she could not squat below parallel. She shared multiple times that she felt a little hopeless and wondered if it was going to work. .
🌟 But, she persisted. She kept showing up. 3-5 days a week. She modified. She listened. She worked hard.
👏🏼 Now, Leslie can be seen HANGING (!) from a pull-up bar and doing 10+ consecutive knees to elbows for multiple sets. She has done countless workouts that include 100+ lunges ON TOP OF multiple other exercises. She deadlifts 215. She can support herself in a static hold at the top of a dip. She can squat 135# and get below parallel. She can press weighted barbells overhead with no pain. And she continues to do all this while out of breath and with a high heart rate. Her body composition has changed dramatically. We can’t remember the last time she had to stop in the middle of class. She has competed in multiple competitions and done multiple workouts in a day, multiple times. She is now 60 and she is light years healthier and fitter than she was at 58. .
✊🏾Be like Leslie. Just keep showing up and eventually life won’t look anything like it did the day you started on your path to greatness.



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