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Intensity & Consistency

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If you’re looking to get fit and stay fit – you are going to need two things…consistency and intensity.

Intensity and consistency and the main predictors of success in health and fitness, and I believe, in most every area of life.


“Intensity and average power are the variable most commonly associate with optimizing favorable results. Whatever you want from exercise comes faster with intensity. It’s not volume or duration or heartrate or even discomfort. Do more work in less time (without overdoing it), and you’ll get fitter faster.” -Pat Sherwood

Without intensity and focus, your time in the gym becomes less effective than it could be.

Now, am I saying that you need to go HAM your entire hour in the gym? Nope! Not at all.

What I AM saying is that your warmup and skills session, which are vital aspects of your hour with us, should prepare you to deliver maximum intensity once completed. This is why we spend 10-15 minutes, in every class, practicing and developing the skills in the main conditioning or strength piece of the day. We’re getting the questions out of the way, building confidence in your skills and making tweaks and corrections to make you much more proficient and effective for when we say, “3, 2, 1. GO!”. 

Attacking your main piece of the day in a prepared and focused way will net you major gains over time.

It doesn’t have to be an hour. When you do MAKE the time for a workout, even if only 15 minutes, bring the intensity and reap the rewards.

Side note: intensity does NOT mean attempting to do things you can not safely do. I’m not asking you to smoke 100% clean and jerks while fatigued. I am asking you to focus, work extremely hard and work extremely smart. Maybe you NEED to scale the weight to get the desired level of intensity. That’ll get you farther than kicking and screaming in the corner because you can’t do what is written on the board. Ask a Coach for help and scale confidently. This is the surest and fastest way to success and progress.


You know those days when you’re kinda tired and you’re a little hungry and you’ve had a long day and you just want to go home?

I believe those are the days you should make an extra effort to get into the gym.

Does it mean you have to do a full, hour-long class? Nope.

Maybe you pop into open gym and crank out 10,20 or 30 minutes of good work.

So what if you get there and only crank out 10 or 20 or 30 minutes of good work? That is MUCH better than the nothing you had previously planned on doing. Going in to get any type of workout in, when you really don’t want to, cultivates a strong mind that is mentally tough, and that quality and practice carries over into life.

Because, there are going to be a ton of times, most likely daily, where you will need to do things you don’t want to do in order to be successful. So, practice when it’s easy, when it’s just a workout on line, and I think you’ll be surprised at how much easier it becomes to act in the face of resistance when it really matters elsewhere.

And, most of the time, once you get in the gym, it becomes MUCH easier to become motivated and interested and actually crank out a great workout! How many times have you gone to the gym when you didn’t want to, or didn’t feel like it and had a great workout? For those of us in the game a long time, there is a great chance that has happened more times than you can count. I know that is very true for me!

Long story short: people who make excuses and who can not maintain a consistent effort in devoting time to there health and fitness will not reap the rewards of those committed to working out even when they don’t want to. Practice mental toughness. Act when your body screams not to. Watch the rewards appear in your life. 

Side note: rest is very important and if you have a legitimate reason that you can’t workout, such as having a gnarly cold or the flu, etc., then take the day off and hit it hard tomorrow. Only you will ever know if you truly needed to take the day off or not. And, distinguishing between when it’s okay to skip and when you should hit the gas anyways, takes time and patience to develop. But, it is a worthy endeavor. Can you live with the results of your decision? Can you squeak something in for 10 minutes and be better for it? Will your workout today inhibit you from being successful tomorrow?

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