InBody Body Composition Tests

So many people want to lose and get lean. Sometime it’s tough to measure our progress with that type of goal.  Progress toward a goal always helps to keep us moving toward that goal!  Our Inbody is a cutting-edge bioelectrical impedance machine which provides us with an accurate and non-invasive body composition analysis in less than a minute! 

Many people just look at the scale hoping the number to change quickly and it’s easy for us to get down and discouraged if we don’t see changes quickly. When the weight goes up, it doesn’t always mean you’ve added fat. You could have added muscle so you’re actually leaner then you used to be! The InBody analysis offers an in-depth body composition analysis that is used to focus on identifying muscular imbalance, nutrition needs, fat loss and water retention!

This specific analysis is quick, easy to understand and provides an objective and extremely accurate way to track your progress over time in your fitness journey, uninfluenced by emotion and the way you feel. 


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