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Y’all, we’re doing it…..

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We miss our old programming. We miss having a strength segment AND a conditioning segment multiple times a week. At the conclusion of The Open, we will take one deload week and then we will begin the old Rise Athletics programming which worked so well for us for so many years. We will still be doing CrossFit in our group classes – we will just be doing it the Rise Athletics way that so many of you have known and loved for years.

There will still be diverse warm-ups that will relate directly to the work for the day. Instead of 2-3 strength segments a week, you will likely see 3-4. We will continue to add lots of cooldowns and mobiity work. There will be tons of accessory and skill acquisition work. We’ll get to throw some more games in! For our newer athletes who joined us since September, don’t worry. For our athletes with long tenure, GET READY! It’s going to be a ton of fun. Please email us at Info@RiseAthletics.Fit with any questions.


Weightlifting = all the weights

CrossFit = strength AND conditioning

Bootcamp = all the conditioning

CrossFit Group Class Programming | Sunday, November 26th | Rise Athletics

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Dynamic warm-up of Coach’s choice


In 15 minutes…


Bench Press

*Build to a heavy for the day


3 rds, NFT:

8 snatch grip bent over row heavy

10 incline barbell skullcrusher (prop a box or bench up on 45# plates to create incline)

12 partner assisted GHD muscle snatch (partner 2 holds legs while partner 1 lays down, hips down on box, parallel to floor and does muscle snatch with change plates)


CrossFit Group Class Programming I Wednesday, Nov. 22 I Rise Athletics

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3:00 Row/ AD / DUs

then, walk through movement by movement as a group demoing and finding mod options for everyone on the fly. Use an empty BB on BB movements.

5 DL

5 PC

5 S2O

5 T2B

5 push-ups

5 OH plate lunge/leg

5 kbs

5 Wall balls

5 abmat sit-ups

5 DU

5 burpees

5 pistols/leg




“12 days of thankfulness” 😛

Done AFAP, for time:

1 deadlift 135/95

2 power cleans

3 shoulder to overhead

4 T2B

5 push ups

6 overhead walking lunges with plate 45/25

7 KB swings

8 wall balls

9 abmat situps

10 double unders

11 burpees

12 pistols


Workout goes 1, then 2 and 1, then 3 and 2 and 1, 4 and 3 and 2 and 1, etc.



BB quad smash x 3:00

Partner shoulder stretch 3x 15-20s each partner at each grip width (wide, pull-up width and close-grip)

CrossFit Group Class Programming | Sunday, November 5th | Rise Athletics

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Jump Rope Skill Sequence, Tabata Style, 20s at each style and 10s rest



-Forward and backward hops

-Side to side hops

-High knees

-Butt kickers





For time, CAP 20

30/25 cal


30/25 cal



20 calf raise off box (focus on relaxing heel as far as possible)

60s runner’s lunge per side

60s knees out goblet squat

60s Updog

60s downdog

60s total prone shoulder stretch/side