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The Importance of Dumbbells to the CrossFit Athlete

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🔥Dumbbells🔥 .   We believe dumbbells should be show up as frequently, or more frequently, than a barbell in most fitness programs. . Why? And, what if your goal is to improve your barbell numbers? . Barbells are balanced and uniformly weighted across their entire length which allows athletes…


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🔥Pull/Push🔥 .   Today’s group class programming packed a potent punch of push and pull. . First, we started with: 5-5-3-3-1-1 Muscle snatch *Building to a new one rep max with all multiple rep sets being tap and go. . Then, we did... 7:00 AMRAP Burpees . Give it…

Farm Strong

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🔥Farm Strong 🔥 . Want to increase your strength? . Widely under-utilized and incredibly effective - the Farmer Carry and Zercher carry are two incredibly effective variations of carries that we frequently utilize in our Unite programming to develop the weaknesses and increase the overall strength of our athletes.…