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Annual Halloween Total

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Halloween Total Is Almost Upon Us…

Every year we ask our athletes to rock their favorite Halloween costumes and come sling some (relative to your strength and skill) heavy weights!

And, this year is no exception. We will run our normally scheduled class times on Wednesday, October 31st and will hope to see you there in your Halloween attire. We’ll be doing the same workout we do every year, CrossFit Total, because it’s fun, highly effective in making us fit and keep us from getting too sweaty and messing up our costumes. Get ready for some personal records and a great time!

“CrossFit Total”

1 rep max back squat

1 rep max strict press

1 rep max deadlift

P.S. Want to bring a friend?

All EXPERIENCED lifters are welcome to drop in on Halloween for free. Sorry to the new to CrossFit crew! Maxing out on your first day in a costume is not the best plan for long term health and fitness and that is our aim for anyone who walks in our door. We’d love to invite you or your friends in for a complimentary 30 minute intro though! Click here to Refer a Friend OR here to Request a Complimentary Intro.