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Farmington Hills and Ferndale's Premier CrossFit Facilities

Welcome to Rise Athletics: Home of CrossFit 248 Farmington Hills and CrossFit 248 Ferndale. Rise Athletics is all about 2 things - COMMUNITY and RESULTS. We are family. We work hard. We don't make excuses. We lift each other up.

We specifically design our workouts to be fun, approachable and effective. We don't throw everything at you on day 1 because that doesn't work and we know it. If you come in, give your best in the daily workout, and enjoy yourself, that’s a win in our eyes.

Our coaches have 20+ certifications and seminars between them. These folks have dedicated their lives to making functional fitness fun so our athletes continue to show up, create connections with other people and get hooked on fitness and health.

"I really regret that workout," said no one ever.

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Our Facilities

Welcome to Rise Athletics: Home of CrossFit 248 Farmington Hills and CrossFit 248 Ferndale. CrossFit 248’s 4,700-square-foot facility in Farmington Hills is close to all the major freeways, making it super easy to get a great workout no matter where you are. We’ve got legit equipment and plenty of it, so you never waste your precious workout time waiting. Our dedicated space for personal training, open gym and on-ramps makes our gym a multi-purpose place for all your needs. In September 2017, we will open the doors to CrossFit 248 Ferndale! With two spacious and well stocked facilities, Rise Athletics is the perfect space to reach all of your fitness goals. Come on by and check us out. We can’t wait to meet you!

  • After visiting 5 other CrossFit gyms in the area, I knew after 5 minutes that CrossFit 248 was the right place for me. All of the coaches and people have been very inviting. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

    Andy Taylor

  • CF248 has integrated itself into my entire life experience. Mental health is my field of practice, so I could write a dissertation on the benefits in mood regulation, sleep hygiene, cognitive functioning, etc. To keep it short and sweet, I am happier.

    Michelle Webber

  • I can honestly say CrossFit 248 has transformed my life. I had been working out at another gym about 3 days a week, but still not losing weight. I decided to switch to 248 because it is so close to my house and from the first day in, I felt welcomed. And I read so many great things about them online and their blog has so many helpful posts that just inspired me to start my journey to a healthy body. I started to change how I view food and what I eat and drink on August 24th. In the 4 months since then I have lost 30 lbs and I’m not done yet.

    Wendy Carlisle